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Official Moverse Whitepaper, last updated January 2022
Moverse is a metaverse in which all activities are driven by Fitness Mining. As a Mover, he/she requires at least one unique Mover NFT to start his/her journey in Moverse. All Movers aim to workout and train their avatars as well as their physical body, collect dope outfits ,and, at the same time, claim rewards. This metaverse is built on a user owned economy, where Movers can truly possess, trade values they earn through Fitness Mining mechanism and contribute to the ecosystem. Moreover, Fitness Mining isn't the only positive aspect of Moverse. Social activities, gameplay, content creating, cosmetics collecting, etc.; all these elements also play important roles in Moverse.

Health Value Economy

Health value is the authentic treasure of Fitness Mining in Moverse. Even though health value is rather ambiguous in society nowadays, we list out several business models to offer a better understanding of the concept.


  1. 1.
    ESG Managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has become a global affair for sustainability. In order to achieve proactive ESG performance, we commit ourselves to bring social responsibilities into action. According to scientific evidence, health-promoting behaviors effectively reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. Furthermore, there will be significant savings on health care costs and other indirect spendings, such as economic value loss because of illness or disease-related work disabilities.
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    In Moverse, the value of advertising is distributed in the forms of Sponsored Tournaments and NFT Drops. Advertisers can choose the form they prefer at the expense of paying ecosystem tokens. We expect more advertisement forms joining Moverse as the popularity grows.
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    Sales Channel
    In Mover Supply Station, there are both virtual and physical products listed. For products from external suppliers, channel fee is required for each transaction.
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    Health Insurance
    Health data increases the accuracy of insurance premium pre-calculation. On the other hand, being healthy itself can lower the cost on settlement of insurance claims. Therefore, introducing health insurance into our ecosystem is an intuitive way to provide health value.


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    Working out all day is dull and weary. Hence, it is crucial to connect with others to have some fun. Socializing and gameplay are significant features in Moverse. Therefore, GameFi is the best outcome which combines socializing, gameplay and build-in economy. There are three dominant elements in the GameFi model: workout, item collecting, and avatar role playing. Due to the fact that “play-to-earn” is not the core purpose of Moverse, the GameFi model is designed mainly to consume ecosystem tokens. In addition, the GameFi model provide a stronger economy support via consuming ecosystem token.
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    Content Creation
    Traditional content creation model is available in Moverse as well. In the real world, viewers pay subscription fees for exclusive content; likewise, content creators in Moverse can also get rewards by releasing content.


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    To redefine the fitness paradigm in the new era
  2. 2.
    To create a metaverse of health value connecting the real world and the virtual world


All health behaviors should be valuable. Our vision is to create a future in which health conditions matter. People are truly responsible for their body statuses. They care about what they eat; they care about how well they sleep; they care about how often they do daily workouts. All of the above-mentioned can effectively establish a world where staying healthy is profitable not only to ourselves but to the whole society.
Keep in mind that this Whitepaper is always subject to change as the project evolves. However, The Moverse Development Team will always stick to our mission. That is, "to create a metaverse of health value connecting the real world and the virtual world".
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