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The goal of Moverse is to make exercising worthy. Therefore, the Moverse Development Team is dedicated to building a bridge between the real world and the virtual world in order to emphasize health values digitally.
There are two approaches as follows:

1. To open up “Digital Exercising Modes” as more as possible

Our team will establish “Moverse Workout Digitalization Protocols (MWDP)” in order to transform all kinds of exercise into data stream. MWDP suits for chest straps, fitness trackers, pedometers, motion sensing games and all kinds of equipment or activities that burn calories. Every potential online/offline event can become a part of Moverse as long as they work through MWDP. In our ideal future, whether people are working out at the gym, playing basketball with teammates, or even hanging out with friends; each and every action that burns calories can create value.

2. To enrich immersive experiences as more as possible

While Movers engage themselves in Moverse, it is inevitable to encounter weary situations. Thus, it is essential to provide diverse and creative immersive experiences to keep them enthusiastic. On one hand,we welcome content creators to join us for novel contents. On the other hand, we will design a tournament area for Movers to show off their skills. All of these can increase the playability along with the loyalty of Movers. At the same time, we will definitely hold some offline events. Events such as marathon, fitness challenges, or all kinds of activities that bond Movers together are taken into consideration. In this way, they can interact with each other not only virtually but also physically. With our persistence and determination, we believe that these methods can lead to a world of health and wealth.