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Fitness Mining & $FinC

Exercising may be boring and exhausting sometimes. This is when incentives become important so that people can enjoy themselves more in exercising. Consequently, Fitness Mining is the savior of the worry that makes burn-to-earn practical. With the process of transforming calories into values, people can gain extra tokens while physically training. Moreover, Fitness Mining does not merely limit itself to workouts, outdoor activities such as jogging, playing sports, or even wandering on the streets are included as well.
Fitness Mining is the only way to generate new $FinC. Movers can perform health-promoting behaviors to earn $FinC. Behaviors such as exercising, purchasing healthy goods in Mover Supply Station(MS2) or daily login are included.

The Function of $FinC

  • Unlock advance contents from content creators
  • Registration fees for tournaments (Moverse Tournament / Sponsored Tournament)
  • The consumption of GameFi
  • Purchasing cosmetics or commodity in Marketplace

How to Generate $FinC?

With earning ceiling per day:
  1. 1.
    Daily login
  2. 2.
    Workout mining without NFT gears
Without earning ceiling per day:
  1. 1.
    consuming practices with $MOTA, $FinC or ETH in Mover Supply Station(MS2)
    • Purchasing health-promoting products, suah as vitamins or proteins. However, purchasing NFTs or cosmetics are excluded in this regulation.
  2. 2.
    Extra rewards with gear NFTs in Workout Mining
5% of Fitness Mining earnings will belong to content creators

How to get $FinC?

1.Content creators earn $FinC from Movers for the services they provide.
2.Participate in Workout Battle